Get a complete perspective on your business performance.

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How it works

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Connect your data sources in one click - no coding needed.

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Automatically track all your KPI’s with our pre-built dashboards.

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Compare your performance with industry benchmarks to identify opportunities for
business growth.

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Define parameters for your key metrics and receive alerts when any issues arise that
need your attention.

Get the most out of your data and stay ahead of the game!

Zuno does more than just track your data. It provides detailed insights on each metric, enabling you to make informed decisions and move your business forward.

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Zuno helps you stay focused on what really drives your business.

Get daily summaries with your main KPI’s and the insights behind each metric.
Identify trends, areas of friction, and opportunities throughout the funnel. Compare your KPIs with industry benchmarks to identify opportunities for growth.

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Save time and easily track all your KPIs.

Our pre-built dashboards give you all the data you need in a way that's easy to understand. You'll stay on top of the metrics that matter most and keep your business moving forward. See the metrics that matter, set goals, get alerts, and do more with your data—all with ease.

A Zuno Analytics product shot of how you are performing vs your industry benchmark.

All the information you need to grow your business.

Compare your company's performance with industry benchmarks. Zuno gathers, combines, and anonymizes data from various sources to give you a complete understanding of how your company is doing in relation to your industry.

A zuno Analytics product shot describing how notifications arrive to your dashboard.

Keep your business on track with automated reports and alerts.

Receive critical data directly to your inbox with convenient automated reporting. This way, you will never miss the chance to capitalize on an opportunity or catch a challenge early.

Stop manually compiling your data and start identifying growth opportunities for your business.

No coding or upfront costs needed.

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